Cemia Services


CeMIA SA offers fast and reliable high-throughput genotyping of polymorphisms at three codons (codon 136 [alanine, valine], 154 [arginine, histidine], and 171 [glutamine, arginine, histidine]) within the sheep prion protein (PrP) gene which are associated with scrapie.

Sample types that can be processed for scapie genotyping include:

  • whole blood
  • extracted gDNA
  • Other biological samples can be accepted following communication.

General Considerations

Whole Blood and Cord blood samples should be collected in EDTA or ACD (not heparin) and the minimum quantity required is 2 mL. Samples can be stored and shipped in RT.

DNA samples should be in a concentration 5-10 ng/μl and an OD 260/280 ratio between 1,7 and 1,9. The minimum quantity required is 30 μl. DNA samples can be stored and shipped in RT.

Keep in mind that correct and indelible labeling of samples is fundamental. Samples must be individually labeled with identification code and date of collection. Unlabeled specimens are not accepted, even when accompanied by paperwork bearing the patient’s name.

Minimum order: 96 samples


Prepare samples for transportation. Keep in mind that, the package must be shipped according to the national legislation and the carrier’s guidelines in regard to biohazardous material. Please inform appropriately and follow the instructions of your carrier for current biohazardous shipping regulations.

Ensure that each sample is individually labeled with identification

Provide adequate protection within padded envelope or other mean of transportation.


Reporting of results will be performed via e-mail within 5 working days.