Cellular and molecular immunological applications

Sanger Sequencing CeMIA SA offers premium Sanger sequencing services for both plasmid and PCR product.
NGS CeMIA can provide Next Generation Sequencing applications using Ion TorrentTM platforms
HLA Typing We provide high resolution HLA typing by Next Generation Sequencing.
Scrapie Genotyping CeMIA SA offers fast and reliable high-throughput genotyping of polymorphisms at three codons (codon 136 [alanine, valine], 154 [arginine, histidine], and 171 [glutamine, arginine, histidine]) within the sheep prion protein (PrP) gene which are associated with scrapie.
Fragments Analysis Microsatellites, SSRs, and other fluorescently-labeled PCR products can be sized on our ABI 3730xl and ABI 3730 DNA Analyzers. Up to four fluorescent dyes, in addition to the size standard, can be detected. Currently, we run the Applied Biosystems G5 dye set (6-FAM, VIC, NED, PET, and LIZ).
Custom Service CeMIA staff is skilled in the development and implementation of projects in the fields of molecular and cellular biology. We can assist you in projects based on RNA/DNA extraction techniques, PCR/Real Time PCR applications, DNA methylation, Sanger Sequencing, Next Generation Sequencing and other molecular biology applications in our fully equipped facilities.
Our description in 3 words: Cellular, Molecular, Immunological Application 

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